Question: What is a wireframe?

A wireframe is image which represents the design or concept for an application or website.

Question: Who can use WireFrameReview.com?

WireFrameReview is designed to be used by anyone involved with the development of a graphical based project. This means managers, graphic designers, programmers, and anyone else involved in the development process can all collaborate together in one place.

Question: Why would I use WireFrameReview over, say, email?

WireFrameReview organizes everything for you. Instead of having a large amount of emails spread out across weeks of work and numerous people's email accounts, WireFrameReview keeps it all in one place. It allows you to organize all of your work and collaborate with your entire team in one convenient location. We even also provide you revision control, a unique URL to access your gallery, privacy settings....for a full list of features, visit the features page.

Question: Who owns the designs the I upload to WireFrameReview?

You do! We do not take ownership of any content that you upload to this application.

Question: What exactly is version control?

WireFrameReview lets you submit new updated images to replace old versions of your designs. For example, you may upload a design of a logo and get a bunch of feedback on it. After you complete all the requested changes you may decide to archive the old version of the logo and start the feedback fresh with the new version.

Question: How do I control access to my galleries?

If you would like, you can easily add a password to any of your galleries that a user must enter before viewing or commenting. This is completely optional and if you do not put a password on it, your visitors can simply click your custom link and view everything they would like.

Question: How am I able to customize my account?

WireFrameReview.com lets you change the title, footer text, colors, background image and url so your customers do not even know they are on a 3rd party site.

Question: How am I able to customize my URL?

When using our site, you can actually use the domains 'WireFrameReview.com', 'GraphicalReview.com' and 'GraphicalDesignReview.com'. Each gallery also lets you choose a custom url for example if you choose the url 'demo', WireFrameReview.com/demo

Question: This sounds great - how much does it cost?

We offer a completely free 30 day trial. Pricing beyond the 30 day trial is listed on the pricing page.

Question: Are there any space limitations on my account?

WireFrameReview.com provides 2 gig of file upload space per user. More is available by request.

Question: What do I do if I have more questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us! We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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